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Carpet Training cum Production Center ( A Collaborative setup of MAVIM & WRA )

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Success Stories

Name - Lalita Ravi Kumar Hulke
Age - 36

Lalita Ravi Kumar Hulke is a domestic woman, She used to work at home and also used to do farming work in other’s fields

Name - Ms. Vaishali Umesh Gandlewar
Age - 40

Her financial conditions at home were not good and the monthly income of her house was very less. Her husband is a driver

Name - Alka Sunil Latilwar
Age - 31

She was a housewife before enrollment as trainee in the carpet training center and her husband's income was not sufficient

Name - Jyoti Ravindra Govardhan
Age - 33

Despite family coming from an educated background, Jyoti was jobless. Her husband is a bus driver.


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